Your team is already on Slack. So is Baloonr.

(And @baloonrbot)

What's @baloonrbot?

@baloonrbot helps you start baloonrs, which are questions, prompts or topics and invite a group right in Slack. That group then goes through an anonymous, bias-free, collaborative process, and at the end, you get a prioritized list of top information and insights.

How does it work?

Make @baloonrbot a part of your team.

Launching new baloonrs is as easy as having a conversation.

Easily target slack channels (and corresponding channel members) while launching baloonrs.

@baloonrbot makes sure that your team is aware of everything that’s happening on Baloonr; whether it be to notify of new baloonrs, stage changes or end of cycle reporting.

When can it be used?

Use @baloonrbot to start baloonrs for

  • Checking-in on what worked and what didn't work about a project or initiative
  • Sharing best practices across teams or departments
  • Brainstorming and generating ideas
  • Gathering feedback and information about diverse topics
  • Taking an organization-wide pulse or gathering wisdom of the crowds

Baloonr's Slack Integration FAQ

Does it cost money to use this bot?

Adding Baloonr to Slack is free, but you need to be on a subscription for your team to create and respond to baloonrs. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Is it a pain to install?

We’ve made it the process as easy as possible and it only takes a minute to get started. Click on the "Add to Slack" button above and integrate Baloonr with your slack team. @baloonrbot will guide you through the rest of the process. We will never spam any members or channels.

Is it anonymous?

Yes! You start a baloonr by private messaging @baloonrbot. By default, all activities on Baloor are anonymous from beginning to end. At the very end of the process, you can claim your own baloons (if you want to) or you can remain anonymous. Read more about Baloonr + anonymity here.

I have more questions. Can you help me?

Absolutely! Check out our more general FAQ on our support page. Don’t hesitate to email us any questions at We want to help and ensure success for you and your team.